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We're a small team of folks building QResearch and working to help you achieve more!


We make it easier for people to focus on their strategy ideas without the hassle of data and technology. We're here to innovate and take on productivity challenges. We want to revolutionize the way we back-test and live trade strategies and save everyone from infrastructure overheads. We work hand-in-hand with our users to build an exceptional quant trading solution. That's how we built QResearch, a new vision of portfolio management, used by organizations and individuals that wish to manage and monitor their quant investments with greater ease and effectiveness.


Back-test in a studiolike setup

Enable you to back-test trading strategies in a professional manner without prior knowledge of programming. Allow you to easily organize your back-test criteria and results while staying in a single web page. Seamlessly integrate with real-world trading - literally, what you see is what you get.


Understand P&L through live analytics

Provide you with substantial gain in P&L visibility, including portfolio movers, sector allocation and P&L attribution, all in a timely fashion.


Overview performance in real time

Present you with a high-level overview of the strategies that you care most. Compare performance side by side to optimize strategic allocation.


The most beautiful story, that of our clients.


—— Edison Wang 佛系旅行和投资的实践者,目前管理微信公众号“Edison的佛系旅行和投资”和雪球账号“萬劍”

Wei Gu

—— Wei Gu 具有多年量化投资经验,擅长对中高频数据建模,目前团队管理2亿资金,并运营“犀牛量化”微信公众号,分享短线策略信号

Lian Zhang

—— Lian Zhang 私募基金从业者,专注于跨资产的因子配置,目前管理公众号“新投顾”和雪球账号“刀疤连”


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